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Westminster Wildlife Control, Animal Trapping & Removal

We run a professional wildlife removal business operating in Westminster, Colorado. We service the whole Denver metropolitan area, and do much of our work in Westminster. We are a full-service Westminster animal trapping and removal company. We specialize in wildlife only, and are not like a regular Westminster pest control company or Westminster exterminator. We use humane methods to solve wild animal problems in Colorado. We solve the root of the problem, by performing home repairs to keep animals out, and preventative measures in addition to critter trapping and removal. We offer a variety of services, from animal damage repair to waste cleanup, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We handle several nuisance wildlife species, including squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and opossums. We also perform bat removal and bird control services, and rodent control, including poison-free mouse and rat removal. Give us a call any time at 720-259-2560 to discuss your Westminster animal control issue, and to schedule a fast appointment.

Westminster wildlife control tip of the month:

How to Trap Voles with Ease

If you are planning to exterminate voles in your garden, yard or inside your house, you must ensure that it is legal in your area before going Westminster animal control ahead to do so. The best time to catch voles in trap is at the peak of their reproduction period. Just select right trap that will give you solution you are looking for. Mouse trap can help you to trap voles without passing through stress. The Westminster animal control interesting thing about this mouse trap is that it is highly economical and easy to set.

The Right Time to Set Your Voles Trap
Setting the trap at the wrong time can deny you the opportunity of getting the voles in your property trapped into your trap. For that reason, the experts advised that the trap should be set mostly in late fall or at the early spring which is the time Westminster pest control when voles are at peak reproduction. If you are using cage or humane trap, you have to decide whether to select one time trap or reusable trap. The reusable will help you to trap many voles at a time while the single Westminster pest control trap can only catch one vole at a time.

Make Use of Right Bait to Lure Voles into Your Trap
It is important for you to know that the material you use to bait your trap will determine the result you will get. If you use right kind of substance to bait your trap, you will stand chance of trapping voles without wasting time. Some of the great materials you can use to bait your trap include: Peanut butter or oatmeal, apple bits and Westminster wildlife removal others. The voles will certainly be lured to your trap without wasting time.

Things You Must Know about Humane Voles Traps
If it is illegal to kill voles in your area then you will need to go for humane and live trap. But, the problem is that humane traps are difficult Westminster wildlife removal to use as they are more expensive than the lethal trap. Also, you Westminster animal trapping will need not less than 12 to 50 traps base on the size of your garden or home. The humane will keep voles alive Westminster animal trapping until you come.

The Right Way to Set Vole Trap in Your Garden
The first thing you need to Westminster exterminator do when you want to set vole trap is to find out the runway. Then set the trap perpendicular to the runway you just Westminster exterminator discovered and you will be lucky to catch as may voles as you want.

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