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  • Denver Educational Article of the Month - Will a Bat House Keep Bats Out of Your House

Will a Bat House Keep Bats Out of Your House

Will a bat house keep bats out of your house?

Bat houses are a popular and practical means of Colorado bat conservation. The can be used in almost any environment or landscape. They work in the city or the country; there are many reasons to install a bat house in your yard. Maybe you just like the little to watch the guys- Who wouldn’t? Bats are an integral part of the world’s perm culture. Tired of poisoning you family and yard with pesticides? Bats are an awesome natural bug deterrent, eating an average of 800 bugs the size of a mosquito an hour. That’s thousands of pesky bugs per night! Want to grow your garden the natural way without growth hormones and chemicals? They are natural pollinators, keeping your gardens blooming, and growing strong. And let’s face it, they are fun to watch. Because bats use echolocation to guide them in the dark it looks like they are dancing an intricate ballet as the weave through the sky in search of food.

Maybe you have bats inhabiting your Denver garage or attic. The noise and the smell can be enough to make want to do some drastic but think before you act! They can be pesky and cause a mess, but it’s against the law to harm them. Once a house has a bat infestation it is very hard to relocate them unless they have a nearby option, like a conveniently placed bat house, available. All these displaced bats will be happy to leave your Denver house alone is there is one readily available to them Building a bat is not expensive and is easier than you think. Everything you need is easy to find, and you might even have the parts lying around your Colorado garage. It takes just a few basic tools, and instructions are simple to follow it can be large or small- the size depends on how many Denver bats you want. It can be on pole or hang in a tree.

You can create any look you want for the outside of your Denver bat house. Whether it’s rustic or elaborate you are limited only by your imagination. It is a family affair! What a wonderful way to spend time on a project with your family. Building a Denver bat house is an enriching experience. If you have children it is the perfect project for a lazy weekend. It teaches them carpentry, animal conservation, and love of nature.

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