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  • Denver Educational Article of the Month - What to do About a Cage Shy Raccoon

What to do About a Cage Shy Raccoon

What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) raccoon

Raccoon may be friendly and at the same time, scary. The Denver animals sometimes intrude our homes so people try to create entrapment that end up with the raccoons being captured or killed. The ruthless methods are usually done when raccoons are cage-shy. It makes the capture hard to do and the cost requires a lot of work.

What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) raccoon
Set the best time
When it seems hard to catch a Colorado raccoon, it is necessary to set a time when capturing them. For instance, in Canada and USA, the best time is November because raccoons have to survive winter cold by putting more weight. If you live in southern area of USA, raccoon is best caught in summer. The food supplies are abundant during the drought season so there are many choices of foods for baits from kernels to fruits.

Set the best place
Placing the trap is important to determine whether your bait lures the Denver raccoon. The exit of the dens is always a great spot. Raccoons wash their foods so it is also a great spot to place the trap near the water edge. Raccoon always leave tracks to a den. It is likely to be in a Colorado tree or an old building already abandoned for years. Beaver lodge or cave can also be the right place for dens. It also nests under the bridge. If a raccoon is cage shy, it is important that you use a legal method to capture it. make sure that you have the permission to build or place your traps somewhere around or in public buildings. Also, avoid capturing other animals that could possibly share their habitat because normally Denver skunks and raccoon do.

Set the bait right
The bait you use depends on the season. When it is almost summer, there are plenty of sweet foods to be used as baits. Watermelon or kernels are two among many alternatives that you can put in the cage to lure a Denver raccoon. cage shy raccoon will still find them smell great and enter the cage voluntarily. If you are going to set traps inside an old house, there will be a huge chance that the raccoons won’t enter your trap so you have to determine the spots near their hiding places. Always put on your safety kit like gloves or helmet because capturing a Colorado raccoon can get them panic and attack you. This is why it takes efforts and some people prefer to hire animal removal services with professional experience to catch the cage shy raccoons.

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