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  • Denver Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Rats Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Garden

How to keep rats out of your garden

Your Denver garden holds multiple temptations for the average rat. It can be a good source of shelter. It can provide fresh drinking water. Rats love fresh vegetables, seeds, and fruits. They also love a free a meal wherever they can find it. Having a Colorado garden is a huge temptation to rats and other creatures. Your unsecured veggie plot is full of tempting treats inviting Denver rats to dinner. Many times we think that the easiest solution is to put out traps or lace the garden with poisonous chemicals, but what about the inherent danger to pets, or other people and animals that might come in contact with these hazards?

There are ways to save your Denver garden that don’t require dangerous chemicals or traps to rid you of these annoying pests. If you want to keep Colorado rats out of your garden, here are some simple tips. Fence your garden in a proper manner so that rats can't get in. You should use hardware cloth because they cannot fit through the holes. You need to BURY your hardware cloth fence at least six inches deep to discourage burrowing under the fence.

Many people are fans of an electric fence, but that is a drastic measure. Plant mint around the outskirts of your plot. Mint is a natural rat deterrent and there are about 60 different delicious varieties for you to choose from. Sprinkle predator urine around. Rats don’t want to live in danger any more than you do. You can find fox urine at most hunters shops. You should keep your compost and fertilizer in sealed containers that are in good condition without holes and cracks. Keep the Denver area and the ground around your garden clean.

You can put up a kinetic (moving) scarecrow with plenty of flowing cloth and colors or hang tin pie pans that will blow in the wind and make noise. NEVER leave your compost out in bags or open bins. That is asking for your Denver garden area to be compromised. Make sure that garden is picked promptly. Leaving ripe food on the plants or fallen fruits on the ground is a huge temptation. If the Denver rats didn’t eat all your seeds, they will definitely want the ones in that ripe squash! Pay lots of attention to your garden. Remove any old wood, branches, or garden around or on your property since these areas favorite rat hangouts. By making your yard and garden area unappealing you will lessen the chance of rats in your garden.

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